ITEC 6500-DC

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IT6500 Series Wide-range High-power DC Power Supply

With ITECH’s latest technology, the IT6500 series offers a full-featured high-performance power test solution. With fast response these DC power supplies provide users with a new level of power supply performance. From 800W to 30 kW, the whole series include more than 100 models. The maximum output voltage and current is up to 1000V and 1200A respectively. With its autoranging capabillity, it also has a super wide range of voltage and current applications. Users can choose the power supply that fits their testing requirements perfectly. In combination with the IT-E501 power dissipater unit, the current sinking capacity of IT6500C can be 100%, 200%, 300% and the power sinking up to 300% of the Sourcing capability. 

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